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Quaker Samplings I & II - Ellen Chester


These two samplers were inspired by Ackworth School, one of the most famous Quaker schools, located in Yorkshire in northern England.

The package contains charts for BOTH samplers.  Also included is a short essay on Ackworth School and its needlework.

The models were stitched entirely in cross stitch over two linen threads using one ply of Milady's Teal from Crescent Colours on 32-count Maple Sugar linen from Lakeside Linens, Inc.  Each sampler requires 3, 5-yard skeins of embroidery thread if stitched with a single ply of thread.

Quaker Samplings I.  Stitch count: 157 wide x 134 high
Quaker Samplings II. Stitch count: 134 wide x 161 high